The nice ladies at the BBQ joint barely batted an eyelash when I told them I was taking my BBQ plate home to make a smoothie out of it.  Maybe they have already received reports of what a really great idea it is.

For the sake of research I got a three way plate (for those of you unfamiliar with BBQ menu lingo, it has nothing to do with inviting an additional guest into your bedroom, but rather three choices of meat).   Smoked chicken, beef brisket, and pulled pork.  Corn bread, collard greens, mac and cheese, and red and brown rice as sides.

I’m still getting the hang of keeping my blood sugar stable and so by the time I had the BBQ in hand, I was very very ready to blend.   I quickly took the chicken off of the bone (which it happily fell off of), added some extra bbq sauce, chicken stock, a piece of cornbread, the rice and blended.

Blending in the vitamix with less than 20 ounces seems to be a bit challenging, so it wasn’t entirely liquefied, but close enough to get through my crooked teeth!   I was so happy.

After a long nap, it was time for more calories, so I warmed the pulled pork up in some stock, added bbq sauce, cornbread, and most of half of a pineapple.    The spiciness from the sauce, the brightness from the pineapple, and the umami from the pork are playing very nicely with each other.

I tried to do chicken and waffles today, but the place by my house wouldn’t do it to go, but it is on my mind.   Fried chicken is certainly on the way soon.


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