Ravioli: Two Ways

Ravioli seem to be a favorite on some of the other recipe sources I’ve seen for us wired shut types.   I understand why.   It’s pretty fast to make, it’s simple, and it’s delicious.

Ok, I know I’m saying that everything is delicious.  It’s because it is, you guys!  Also, I’m hungry.   Pretty much all of the time.   Even without the wires, I’m a fellow with a healthy appetite, but add some dilutants and food that is more easily absorbed and I’m pretty much just thinking about food all day.  Also, I tend to be more in the gourmand category with some gourmet tendencies.   But really, the ravioli are delicious as a smoothie.

First way:  Pesto and chicken stock bone broth (gotta stay on trend, right?)

Boil the ravioli in chicken stock.   This saves you having to strain anything.  Once the ravioli are cooked throw them along with the stock into the blender.   Add pesto of your choosing.   I added a little kale (to stay on brand, but also because you should be eating as many leafy greens as you can right now) and I added a big chunk of mozzarella and some parmesan.  It was very drinkable and also very diluted.

Second way:  Tomato sauce

Make ravioli the normal way.  Blend it.   I used tomato juice as a dilutant along with all the sauce and this time added several cloves of raw garlic and a good amount of fresh basil to the blender along with the extra cheese.    This came out much more dense than the chicken stock version.  I think next time I’ll do something in between.


One quick bonus tip.  If you’re reading this because you’re wired shut… Don’t sneeze. Just don’t.

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