Chicken and Waffles Smoothie!

It happened!! Chicken and waffles and syrup! Also a more traditional fried chicken with potatoes and gravy smoothie for you non-waffle lovers.  (Who are you?!)

I’ve been thinking about this smoothie for a little while now and last night was the night.   I’m off of my pain meds and so I’m back on my bicycle.  So on the way home last night I took the ferry so that I’d wind up near “The House of Chicken and Waffles”.  I had tried last week to grab chicken and waffles from a place near my house but they told me that they don’t do them “to go”.   I imagine they want the integrity of their fine cornmeal waffle to stay fresh and not get all soggy on the way home.   Which I, of course, think is ideal for blending.

And speaking of blending.  I took two waffles, took the meat off of two fried thighs, added maple syrup, and chicken stock and blended it.    Guess what it tasted like.    Delicious chicken and waffles. That’s what.

For curiosity sake I made a separate smoothie with gravy, stock, potatoes, more gravy, and two more fried thighs.   Admittedly, I liked it a tiny bit better, but I think it’s because I added a few dashes of hot sauce to the glass before drinking.   Condiments are pretty great. Even in a smoothie.

Oh, and because my mom is probably reading this.   I ate a lot of fruits and vegetables earlier in the day, mom.  I had a half of a papaya, a banana, and nearly a whole blender full of spinach.  And sag paneer as one of my lunches.


Today’s bonus broken jaw tip of the day:   Make sure to apply chapstick before embarking on a bicycle ride.

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