Favorite Delivery Options

I’m, on occasion, not motivated to cook.  These days if I’m not cooking for someone else, I’ve been a bit more nonchalant about what’s going in the blender.  And then there are the moments when the sweetheart still wants pizza because her mouth isn’t wired shut.  Seems pretty fair.

So to date I’ve tried:

  • Sweet and sour chicken (with rice, diluted with extra sauce)
    • I added too much rice, but I’d be willing to try this one again.  Pineapple and bell peppers are good at keeping their individual character in the blend.
  • Egg rolls (diluted with chicken stock)
    • Didn’t love these.   I added the mint from the container that they came in.  It was a lot of mint.   Way too much mint.
  • Pizza! (diluted with tomato sauce)
    • Guess what it tasted like?  Pizza.  Some tips: Get deep dish with cornmeal crust.  Cooked dough doesn’t translate well in a blender.   It sort of turns back to raw dough.  Be liberal with the toppings.  That will be the difference between a thick tomato soup and pizza flavor.   Melted cheese is high up on my list of “when I’m unwired, I’m going to eat…”  so it was a little bittersweet to stare at the delicious melty pizza and then drink some tomatoey drink that vaguely tasted of cheese, but it was still pretty delicious.
  • Chicken Tikka Masala
    • Delicious.  Doesn’t need much or any dilution depending on how much rice you add.  It’s also like drinking a bunch of heavy whipping cream.   Because it, well, it is.  I suggest not a ton of rice or it will get mealy.  I also suggest ordering extra chicken and adding it to the blend.
  • Mutter Paneer
    • Peas and cheese with a spicy sauce.  Again, barely any dilution needed.  Lots of flavor.   Indian food really wins in my book.
  • Sag Paneer
    • This is the winner in my book.  Full of leafy greens.  Cheese for protein.  Minimal or no dilution needed.  So good that I made some from scratch on Monday for lunches this week.

There’s only two more weeks to go with wires and I have promised a few people that I’ll report out on what the cheeseburger smoothie will be like so stay tuned.  I’m still stuck on what to dilute the fries with.  That’s a lot of ketchup.


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