Bacon Cheeseburger

I did it.  I drank a cheeseburger.  And fries.  Spoiler alert:  It was ok.

As I enter week six my excitement for everything blended is admittedly starting to dwindle, but I saved this experiment for this very reason.   There is some real satisfaction that I receive when I take an entire food item and drop it into the blender as-is.   This certainly held true for the cheeseburger.    Lifting a bacon provolone cheeseburger complete with lettuce, tomato, pickles, onions, and thousand island and then dropping it like a mic into the blender was probably the best part of the experience.

I diluted the burger with a little bit of chicken stock.   I tried to keep it thick so I could eat the whole thing.   I ordered garlic fries, but perhaps through the wires they heard curly?  It was a happy accident.   The seasoning helped the fries differentiate themselves from any other blended potato item.   I used a little chicken stock and ketchup.   I normally have my fries with mayo and I realized upon my first sip of fries that could have been a good addition, too.

I kept the burger and fries separate and managed to get almost the entire meal in me.   The strangest thing happened!  I was full!  Like uncomfortably full.    I’ve been fine about getting enough to eat and I’m not losing much weight, but I tend to eat about a pint jar worth of food at a time and eat more frequently.   On burger day I had missed a meal and was feeling pretty enthusiast and wound up eating more than a quart!

The wires come off at the end of this week!    Everyone is asking what my first meal will be.  I let them know that my mouth won’t suddenly work again and it will take some time before I can open it wide enough to eat normally, but that probably figuring out how to get some melted cheese on my tongue is a high priority.  And candy.  Y’know.  Healthy stuff.




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