About a month later…

My jaw is opening to 42mm or so.   I just started stretching with the aid of my hands.   I can feel it today.   I drank my first smoothie since being unwired this morning.  It was delicious.

The process of learning to eat again and managing what you are able to eat becomes sort of a game of “Can I eat that?”.   You’ll get brave or adventurous or brash, perhaps.   Sometimes you’ll have to spit something out and admit it was too much too soon, but there are so many victories!  A gummy bear was really exciting.  Brisket was an accomplishment.   Sushi last night was still a little too big to get in, but I was so excited I didn’t care about being sloppy.

In other news my new dentist tells me that three of my teeth are dead and need root canals.  She also said that I need braces.  The orthodontist agreed that I need braces, but not because my teeth didn’t match up how they probably were before.   I’ll skip the $6K cosmetics for now.   And maybe the root canals until I get a second opinion.

If you’re reading this because you are so excited to get your mouth unwired, be patient.  It will get better, but almost certainly not as fast as you’d like.   Your friends and family will assume you’re ready for everything and wonder why you’re eating your rice a few grains at a time.   Plan extra time for meals.  Expect to be mostly vegetarian for a while.  And trust me… although it may seem so exciting to eat that half a bag of organic cheeto-style snacks in the first few days, I suggest just eating a few.

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