Other Broken Jaw Pages

I’m sure by now if you have a broken jaw, you’ve done some googling.  You’ve found a lot of pages talking about ensure and protein shakes.   I’m going to do some of that, but really… ew.  I’m more on the food I might normally eat, but blended tip.  Here are a couple of sites more in line with that idea.

Adam Merberg’s “Shock and Jaw” (great name, Adam!).  Great information for vegetarians and vegans.  Good overview of timelines and helpful tips just generally.  Not a whiny tone to be found, which is nice.



Emily Kornblut’s “Jaws Wired Shut”.   Another good resource from someone that didn’t just drink ensure all day every day.  I especially like her realistic approach and “teachable moments” section.  I also like that she has a glass of wine every once in a while.