Welcome!  Here is my guide to having a broken mandible for hipsters.   I know.   You’re not a hipster.   Neither am I.  I swear.  It’s just that I like organic artisanal local farm to table, snout to tail type food.  And now I like that food through a straw.  See what I’m eating in the Blog area. There are a few other pages out there with good recipes for other lifestyle choices.  Find them in the links area.

All the other pages have this disclaimer, so I guess I should too?  I’m not a doctor.  I can’t give you medical advice.  I mean I can.  Here it is: Ask your doctor.
If you want advice about what I think tastes good through a straw?  Heck yeah. Game on.


I’m Matthew.  By day I work at a hands on science center in San Francisco.   By night I blend everything I can and drink it through a straw in Oakland.  I have a couple of dogs, a sweetheart that fortunately enjoys soup, and got back on my bicycle two days after my accident.

Holler at me.

I’ll holler back.  But not super loudly, because wires.